A guy met a woman and her son and they became a family of three. Next step was to move into an old home in need of lots of love to make their own. A few years later that family of three became a family of five.

      In our family life, Vero and I love museums, music, different cultures and foods, as well as a strong passion for history. We also love to travel, every year we take one family trip and one mommy and daddy trip because we need our time alone every now and then also.

      Our oldest, Manuel is into music and naturally has started his own band who he plays drums for. Genesis was the first born of the twins, which makes the name perfect for her. She is very much a girly girl, loves dresses, make up, dolls, clothes and her mom. Eli was the second born and he is pretty much a boy. He plays rough, loves picking on his sister, but he is the most curious and determined of everyone in the family.