1923 Bungalow

We have been working on our bungalow in the historic Oak Cliff neighborhood as soon as we discovered Vero was pregnant. The originally two bed one bath home was in need of expanding and lots of love. With help from my sister and her husband we have been doing all the work ourselves.

When we moved into the home it was painted the original white body with white trim and a few green accents. Manuel, our oldest son was tasked with scrapping all the old loose paint and sanding the double drop siding to the wood. He also replaced any rotted wood then primed and painted the full house. What do you think of the new green body with white trim?

The kitchen and dining room were two small rooms divided by a wall with a swinging door. There was a cool breakfast nook in the kitchen but by the time I bought the house it was removed. We removed the wall between the two rooms and built our own cabinets with shaker style doors. One wall was left as an accent exposing the ship lap that we found under the paneling.

The previous owner had a fridge that rotted some of the wood flooring. She also made holes in the flooring to exhaust her dryer. To replace the too far gone flooring we salvaged wood floors from another Dallas bungalow that was set for demolition.

The added rooms and the two new deck areas

Sitting in the middle of the kids room while under construction