I am an introvert disguised as an extrovert. I love my alone time but being genuinely interested in people makes it difficult to sit in a corner alone with my drink at a party.

I’m quite by nature, mostly because I am taking everything in that’s around me. But I’m pretty outgoing once you get to know me.

I was brought to Dallas, TX from way of Nuevo Laredo, MX at the age of 5. My first memory of being in the US was being at school in my ESL (English as a Second Language) class. The teacher would show me a flash card with a picture and the name of the object written in Spanish, I had to give her the English name. This moment specifically that I remember was during an oral test. She showed me the card of an object I had never seen and I remember thinking “What is that?! I don’t even know what the hell that is in Spanish!!”

The card she was holding was the photo of a saddle and till this day I don’t know what the term is in Spanish.

Being a musician since the age of 12 I’ve stood in front of the camera too many times acting cool for band pics. Now you will never catch me trying to look good for photos. Can’t wait for my kids to see how cool their dad was 🙂

t h e b a n d


You can also catch me on stage with the Mad Mexicans. We are a band comprised of styles such as hip-hop/rock/latin jazz mixed with the vocals in languages of English and Spanish. Every member belonged to different bands but got together for a Cinco De Mayo show in 2002. Ever since then we have been at it, playing all over Texas and many times at SXSW in Austin. Our song “Pinche Guey” was on rotation on the radio station 97.1 The Eagle. We have won the Dallas Observer award for Best Latin Band three consecutive times. Lastly we were nominated for “Best Rap Artist of Year” and “Best Rap Album of Year” in the The Eagle 97.1 (KEGL) Local Show Awards 2002.

May 5th 2018 we will be celebrating the bands Quinceanera!!